Ductile iron Gibault Pipe Coupling

Ductile iron coupling for ductile iron pipe is designed only for ductile iron pipe complying with BS EN545 or ISO2531, it is cheaper than universal flange adaptor & coupling. It provides a quick, leak free and reliable method of joining plain ended pipes for the conveyance of water and sewage


FOR FLANGED VALVES,PUMPS,FLANGED PIPES PIPES DN40-1600 FEARURES: DISMANTLING joint assembly is a double flanged composite fitting featuring a telescopic action between a flanged spigot and a flanged adaptor .The joint is designed to provide longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems. Dismantling joints provide a simple method for the installation and removal of flanged valves, pumps, flows meters, flanged pipes and pipe fittings .Tie rods are provided for final anchoring and location and these and these also double as mating flange jointing bolts, reducing the number of these required.